Honing Concrete in Auckland

Honing concrete refers to grinding down the top layer of concrete to create a smooth, flat finish. It is used for various indoor and outdoor applications and is often paired with a non-slip coating. The result is a durable, foot-friendly, stylish, and low-maintenance surface.

The process of honing concrete involves using various abrasives. The amount of abrasive needed depends on how much concrete is removed. It is grinding concrete at 50-grit and below, resulting in a ground surface with slight reflection and low sheen. The next step is to use grout to fill in any imperfections. Grout is a cement-based material that is a thin, mortar-like substance. The grout is forced into the pore structure of the concrete substrate and fills spots.

Concrete honing is a technical process involving two or three stages. The first stage consists of applying rough diamonds (around 20-30 grit) to the surface of the concrete. This is followed by using 60-70 grit diamonds to remove scratches. Finally, 100-120 grit diamonds are applied to the surface for a smooth finish.

Honing a concrete surface is an excellent option for patios, pool surrounds, and entertaining outdoor areas. In addition to being durable, honed concrete is low maintenance and easy to clean. It is becoming a popular option for new construction and renovations. It is relatively inexpensive and can even be applied over an existing concrete slab. The honed surface can be customized to match a building’s aesthetic concrete.

Honed concrete is ideal for floors and walkways, as it improves foot traction in wet conditions. Cutting concrete is often combined with an anti-slip additive, which makes it safer than other flooring options. Another option is mechanically polished concrete, which undergoes an intensive process of mechanical refinement. This process turns the concrete surface into a luxurious and shiny finish.

The process can also involve applying a densifier. This compound reacts with water on the concrete surface to form calcium silicate hydrate. These densifiers are applied to the surface of a concrete floor using a burnisher. The high-speed burnisher uses a rotating head to refine the surface.